GBS-- Professional manufacturer of LFP battery cell and turn-key project provider of its applications.
GBS-- Professional manufacturer of LFP battery cell and turn-key project provider of its applications.
GBS-- Professional manufacturer of LFP battery cell and turn-key project provider of its applications.
GBS-- Prismatic plastic case LFP battery cell,safety,reliable,insulating,easy to install and recycle
GBS-- There has never been a safety incident in 14 years of extensive use
GBS-- A wide range of applications, everything can be LFP battery
Customized R&D
Response within 24hours
solutions within 72hours
Long warranty period

About GBS Energy

GBS is one of the earliest lithium battery manufacturers in China with qualifications in electric vehicle, mining, communication, Marine and other fields

Our in-house technologies covering the full value chain

Our core technology expertise ranges from electrochemistry to energy management software. Leclanché develops, designs and manufactures complete battery storage solutions covering the entire technology chain from cells to pack solutions for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), as well as complete, energy storage solutions for utilities, grid operators and other large scale energy storage applications.

battery Cell

GBS produced our own cells which enables us to echnology chain from cells to pack solutions for developing customized solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.Quality control throughout the whole process, stable and reliable supply chain.

Modules / BMS

Modules & components are fitted into robust packs which can include air or water cooling syst. Battery management systems and switch boxes are also integrated within the pack ensuring fully echnology chain from cells to pack.


Packs are adapted to operate faultlessly in the environmental conditions required by different systems or whatever the application: trains, buses, vessels and other electric vehicles; industrial; and grids and microgrids.

Final Product

According to different application, environmental and functional requirements and other factors,after engineer's perfect design,then complete assembly, connection and packaging the battery packs to form the final product can be used.

Our Solutions

In the 14 years that GBS served thousands of customers around the world, we met various requirements for lithium battery products and a variety of practical application difficulties. Accordingly, we have targeted the development of 40 battery cells to meet different requirements.According to the requirements of the project, we will match the most suitable capacity and performance of the cell, and design into the most reasonable use of functional products.As a turn-key project provider, we can provide our clients from start to finish consulting, design, quotation, production, installation and commissioning service.

Advanced Lab.&Test Center

GBS has a very strong R&D team. In 2011,GBS start cooperation with the academician of CAE Zhangze to build a academician workstation, academician of innovation team with professional and technical personnel more than 20 people. By now,with GBS’s cooperation has been for 10 years, It provides a strong technical support for R&D of new material and Pack technology. Our R&D center has more than 30 kinds of comprehensive R&D equipment in material testing, battery manufacturing and battery performance testing.

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