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Established in 2007, Zhejiang GBS Energy Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech company specializing in the R&D and manufacture of LiFePO4 battery. With 2 production bases, we have an annual capacity of more than 2GWh.
We have developed more than 20 batteries and achieved more than 70 patents authorization.The products have passed the tests of 201 institute,Posts and Telcommunications Industry Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Information Industry Dept.,and TLC lab,gotten international certifications including UL,TUV,CE etc.and been exported to the overseas countries such as United States,Australia,Germany,Russia,South Korea,Italy,the United Kingdom,Czech and so on.

Why choose us

1.Safety advantage: The ternary battery (NCM or NCA) and Lithium iron phosphate battery(LFP) are the most widely used in the area of power and energy storage in the lithium battery family. Due to its high energy density, ternary battery is usually used in the automotive market, while LFP battery is much better than ternary battery in terms of safety and cost advantage. In addition, GBS uses a unique plastic case process, because of the natural insulation and chemical resistance of plastic, there is a greater guarantee of safety in the battery module, and better low temperature charge performance characteristics. Since the establishment of GBS factory in 2007, we have been focusing on the development of high-end safe lithium batteries, adhering to the technical route of LFP batteries and never changing. There has never happened a safety accident caused by our batteries, which won the reputation of customers at home and abroad, choosing GBS is to choose safe lithium batteries.

Our Projects

GBS-2.2MWH on-grid distributed energy storage system in Manchester,UK

Why did energy storage containers become popular??

Renewable energy+Energy storage system.Big capacity,easy to be transported,high safety.
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GBS-1 MWh on-grid PV energy storage system project in St.Petersburg,Russia

What about the electricity that cannot be used up for solar power generation??

In addition to be on grid, you have the option of storing your unused power in a LFP battery storage system for use when you need it.
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GBS-LFP power battery for public bus in Russia

Compared with ternary lithium, LFP power battery advantages.

It's safe,never catch fire or explode.Longer service life.Prices are lower.
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GBS-LFP battery module for data center

Application of LFP battery in communication and data center.

Uninterruptible power must be provided for some special areas, such as communication base stations, data center and hospital ICU.LFP battery is the best choice.
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We have a number of successful lithium-iron phosphate battery applications worldwide.It involves bus power battery, ship power battery, distributed energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, communication standby power and so on.If you are interested, you are welcome to send us an email to inquire about your needs in detail.

Product Certifications

manufacturing and sales in battery systems for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems. The company is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for global new energy applications. a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, with businesses covering R&D,

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The flock of geese flying south is a peculiar scenery. The neat geese formation will not be broken up by the roaring wind and rain, and will not be tired of the long journey. In the long and difficult journey, behind the head goose, who went forward bravely, was the same firm partner. Soaring into the sky day after day, just to pursue the persistent goal in my heart. excellent team. Like a group of determined geese. Not afraid of difficulties and setbacks, only challenges and perseverance. The common ideals point the way forward, and the diligent team firmly believes in winning. Surpass yourself in unity and share happiness in cooperation. Reap friendship, faith and success together.

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