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About Our R&D Team

Academician Workstation

Cooperated with Academician Zhang Ze to establish an academician workstation. The academician innovation team has over 20 full-time technicians. Working with GBS for ten years, it provides powerful technical support to develop new materials and solve technical problems on PACK.

Lithium-Ion Joint R&D Center

Sign a cooperation agreement with Materials College of Zhejiang University to jointly establish the ”GBS-Zhejiang University Lithium-Ion Joint R&D Center”. As the key technical docking unit with Materials College, it provides long-term technical support for lithium battery structure design, process research planning and material development.

R&D Capabilities

GBS R&D center has a full set of equipment, including lithium battery pack charge & discharge test system, large current short circuit test machine, battery squeeze needle test machine, short circuit explosion-proof box, high & low temperature test chamber, simulated high altitude low pressure test machine, specific surface area test machine, laser particle size analyzer, electrochemical workstation, X-ray diffractometer, tap density meter, working condition simulation equipmentetc.

R & D direction: to improve battery energy density, battery safety, stability, and life cyle; lithium supplement technology; solid-state batteries


Independent Patent

We undertake National Innovation Fund Project, Major special Project of Transportation Ministry and major project of Ningbo city etc; achieved 1 International invention (which has achieved USA Invention Patent Authorization), 9 Domestic Invention Patent Application (8 patents authorized), 43 New Utility Patents (all authorized), 30 Appearance Patents (all authorized).

Industry Certification

We enter the corporate directory of “Automotive Battery Industry Specification”, passed the explosion-proof safety certification of mining products, Telecommunication products certification and CCS marine products certification, becoming the only domestic Lithium battery manufacturer which owns qualification certificates in such fields as electric vehicle, mining, telecommunication, marine etc.

CCS Marine

Product Test

We independently research and develop energy storage series and high-energy density series products. Each series has more than 20 battery products with different specifications. It has passed the test of North Automobile Quality Supervision Inspection and Appraisal Institute (201 institutes), Information Industry Post and Telecommunication Industry Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and Information Industry Telecommunication Power Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The products have obtained UL, TUV, CE, and IEC certifications and are exported to countries such as Germany, the United States, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic etc.

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