Safety Advantage

The ternary battery (NCM or NCA) and Lithium iron phosphate battery(LFP) are the most widely used in the area of power and energy storage in the lithium battery family. Due to its high energy density, ternary battery is usually used in the automotive market, while LFP battery is much better than ternary battery in terms of safety and cost advantage. In addition, GBS uses a unique plastic case process, because of the natural insulation and chemical resistance of plastic, there is a greater guarantee of safety in the battery module, and better low temperature charge performance characteristics. Since the establishment of GBS factory in 2007, we have been focusing on the development of high-end safe lithium batteries, adhering to the technical route of LFP batteries and never changing. There has never happened a safety accident caused by our batteries, which won the reputation of customers at home and abroad, choosing GBS is to choose safe lithium batteries.

Price Advantage

The most basic component of lithium battery applications and whose account for the highest cost is the lithium battery. We are the source cell manufacturer, you can directly trade with us, bypass a variety of middlemen and pack factories, directly get the first-hand price, while ensuring the quality and supply stability of the cell. We also have perfection PACK design and assembly strength, as well as the upstream and downstream complete supply chain and resources, which guarantee we can fully provide turn-key project solutions from cell to terminal products according to your project, for you to save more costs, avoid your complex and heavy work.

Maintenance Advantage

 The unique plastic case, due to the natural insulation of the plastic, and our specially designed 4-hole quick-plug flare connection design, makes the technical requirements are very simple to be series and parallel. These characteristics ensure that in the process of use of GBS battery pack, once the failure of a certain cell leads to the failure of the whole module, it only needs to replace the cell quickly and easily to restore the normal status of the whole module. On the contrary, the characteristics of aluminum case battery decide one cell broken, resulting in the broken of the whole module, so that the maintenance cost is very high

Small Business Friendly

Compared with other battery cell manufacturing factories in China(such as CATL,CALB…), GBS is one of the few enterprises without the background of government shareholding. Our service is more detailed and we are also friendly to small projects, rather than arrogant and careless service of the giant, government-shareholding factories.


GBS adheres to the water-based technology from the mixing process , the gases produced in the production process meet the international standards for direct emission. Our products are green and pollution-free and easy to recycle. It is a sunrise environmental protection industry supported by the state.

Location Advantage

GBS is in Yuyao, close to Ningbo, Shanghai and Hangzhou, located in the center of the one-hour economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta with obvious geographical advantages. Yuyao has a long history and culture, and its industry and commerce are well developed. The new energy industry also takes the lead in the country.

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