Renewable + Storage

Photovoltaic Energy Storage System Solution

In cooperation with our partners, we provide complete turnkey Renewable + Storage solutions. These solutions feature Leclanché custom-engineering Electricity Energy Storage Systems (EESS) alongside best-in-class renewable energy generation assets. Our integrated solutions reduce energy costs while providing clean and reliable electricity to our customers.

Electric Vehicle Battery Solutions

Range, safety and battery life are some of the important destinations in the new frontier for automotive OEM. 3M will help you get there, because we’re going there too. In fact, we put some of our most enduring and successful core technologies – adhesives, electronics, advanced materials and others – into today’s electric vehicle (EV) battery solutions. If you need something to enhance your specific xEV battery application, we’re ready to collaborate for the future. We’ll help you optimize your designs and streamline production, all through a seamless, reliable global network serving virtually every region in the world. Together, we can continually expand the limits of xEV battery performance, now and down the road.

System Components

It has an ultra-long service life traction battery system solution that perfectly satisfies the needs of operating vehicles which are frequently used

System Components

These are much like a scaled up version of the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery in your mobile phone – EVs don’t use a single battery like a phone, they use instead a pack which is comprised of thousands of individual Li-ion cells working together. When the car’s charging up, electricity is used to make chemical changes inside its batteries. When it’s on the road, these changes are reversed to produce electricity.

  • Parallel battery pack design enables large range in overall capacity
  • Lowest cost of ownership due to highest cycle life for any NMC based battery system
  • High energy density for optimum range
  • High voltage architecture for applications up to 1000V
  • Designed for safety and performance and utilizes Electrovaya’s proprietary safety technologies
  • Optional liquid cooling for high rate applications
  • CANBus communication to charger and vehicle systems
  • Electrovaya Overall System Controller for vehicle integration
High Safety

Tailored for hybrid electric vehicles, the high energy density cell makes a thin and light pack possible. More space is saved, making your trip even more comfortable.

High Energy Density

High energy density—-121WH/KG We upgrade energy density through the technology innovation in design space, lightweight, compaction, electrode, separator and optimization of process etc.

Fast Charge & Discharge

A stable chemistry system and CTP technology balance product performance and economic benefits by offering 400–600 km mileage which is just enough for daily operation requirements.

Long Lifetime

With an ultra-long warranty of 6 years or 600,000 km, the full life cycle demands of operating vehicles can be met with only one battery, enabling you to enjoy a worry-free and cost-saving driving experience.

High Safety

Compared with corresponding internal combustion engine (ICE), electric vehicles with CATL batteries can save RMB 60,000 in energy consumption costs each year. Same cost, higher returns.

Low Temperature Discharge

With the unique battery self-heating technology, a battery can be warmed up 2°C/min without additional cost. It only takes 15 minutes to raise the battery temperature from -20°C to 10°C.

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