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48V100Ah 15 series lithium battery is designed and developed to meet the requirements of new type backup power supply for Telecom operators.It has the characteristics of integration,miniaturization,lightweight,intelligent,standardized,environmental protection and so on.The lithium battery is widely used in indoor stations,integrated base stations,edge stations,cellular stations,FTTX equipment,WLAN equipment,RRH,distribution power supply and other fields.

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Product features

New type of lithium iron phosphate battery, safe and reliable, long cycle life and replacement.
Group cycle life up to more than 3500 times, longer service life under floating charging working conditions
Raw materials and production, use process green environmental protection
The specification of single cell is 3.2V/100Ah, use M4 screws to be connected firmly.

All Power and communication cables inside of battery are fixed by tile with marked for maintenance later.
single battery equipped with safety valve of two level protection, safe and reliable
High energy density, stable discharge platform, greatly reduce the rate of base station withdrawal
Integrated design: 15 cells battery modules + BMS + 19-inch standard cabinet or universal chassis with seismic iron frame
Cabinet embedded installation dimensions, comply with EIA and ETSI specifications, and adapt to seismic iron frame floor installation
small size, light weight, greatly reduce the station floor area and reduce the building floor bearing requirements
Modular design, according to the actual need of multiple parallel to expand capacity
Support high rate charge and discharge, high efficiency, to achieve small capacity configuration to achieve large current discharge
Strong adaptability to the environment, wide working temperature range, base station cannot configure air conditioning or improve the constant temperature of air conditioning, greatly reduce the site construction cost and electricity cost
Adopt intelligent gap charge and discharge function, effectively reduce the base station electricity cost
All-round alarm protection (overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature, balance, and sleep)
Intelligent design, can be through the moving loop monitoring system remote communication
With RS232 upstream interface and dual RS485 cascade interface, it can be well connected with the computer software and other devices
centralized LED indicator light and display screen, operation at a glance
Front panel front-end operation and maintenance, convenient and quick
It has good electromagnetic compatibility and can be compatible with standard communication rectifier equipment
Can be directly connected to the original lead-acid battery switching power supply system, only need to adjust the charge and discharge voltage and other parameters of the switching power supply
Be extremely suitable for class II mains, class III mains supply environment
Using laser printing on the cell shell to produce the identification code
The 6-channel battery temperature collection cables adopt glue, which is firmly and evenly fixed
The power cables and the voltage collection signal cables are firmly fixed with cable ties, and have clear marks.

All Temperature and cell voltage sensors are mounted and firmly fixed.

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