Product Description

48V50Ah lithium battery is designed and developed to meet the requirements of current telecommunication operator om new model backup power supply.The lithium battery is widely used in indoor stations,integrated base stations,marginal station, cellular stations,FTTX device,WLAN device,RRH,distribution power supply etc.The battery module is equipped with a battery management system (BMS), with electrical protection functions(including over-current protection,short-circuit protection,over-voltage protection,under-voltage protection,and over-temperature protection),which can keep the battery balanced and self-protected during long-term use to ensure the reliable operation.

Optional Anti-theft Technology:
The anti-theft technology of gyroscope. When the product is moved illegally, the gyroscope will generate a signal. When the angle of X axis or Y axis is more than ±30°, the discharge is forbidden. The lithium battery cannot be discharged, and the warning light is always on.
Mechanical anti-theft technology, modular design, add interlock device on standard battery, can connect multiple batteries into a whole, only using specific key can separate multiple batteries.

Lithium Battery Application:
Communication Base Station;UPS;Data Centre

Product Features

High performance, large capacity, long life lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery.Cycle life more than 4500 times. Small size, light weight, 3U heigh, save installation space, flexible to various installation environment. Comprehensive protection function (over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, reverse connection, over load, over current, high and low temperature, balancing, domancy) The battery has multi-communication mode, with RS232 communication, RS485 communication, dry contact communication functions.
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