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Product Description

Container energy storage is designed for large-scale energy storage projects, with high voltage and large capacity, which conforms to the current global trend of new energy, “Renewable Energy + Energy Storage “. The solar energy, wind energy, water energy and biological energy are connected to the grid, and a certain proportion of the energy storage is stored into the energy storage container to cut peak , and stabilize the power grid.

Product features

Shockproof: fill in the inside cold rolling metal plate housing by shockproof structure design, which meets the requirements of good security and nice reliability.

Large current: large current output, and maximum 3C output.

Data communication management: adopt software management chip, precise data transmission and accurate temperature control so as to try our best to eliminate the security risks.

Safety management of the battery: when the temperature probe of battery finds out over temperature status, the protection system is on automatically.

The battery pack has long cycle life, which conforms to the principle of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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