Core Advantages of Our Battery Cells

We help commercial and industrial clients reduce their electricity costs by designing Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS) that reliably reduce energy demand during peak periods and optimise the usage of onsite renewable energy.

Structure Advantage

GBS LiFePO4 Insulated Battery Structure Introduction

This is the heading

no screw loosening, reliable connection, good vibration proof performance

recycle line

easy to disassemble and recycle

cooling channel

better ventilation and heat dissipation among batteries

protection cap

prevent short circuit caused by dust and other objects falling, more esthetic and safer

wire channel

clean and secure for BMS's wiring

safety valve

exhaust in low pressure exhausting, open in high pressure , better safety performance

locating hole

prevent battery shift

Safety Advantage

GBS battery has been used in the world for over 10 years, no safety accidents during the period.

Safety valve with double protection

The world's first controllable safety valve is GBS patented product. It can exhaust automatically and uniaxially and open at different pressure.

good insulation and lightning resistance performance in the wild

Plastic shell has good insulation performance, cells can be directly assembled into a DC high-voltage battery pack. The insulation strength is not affected by the air humidity, and the anti-lightning performance is good without grounding. It is not easy to generate static electricity and will not cause accidents due to friction generated by electric sparks.

decompression design in special circumstances

Low melting point of plastic shell(170℃), plastic shell will melt automatically and make decompression in the extreme conditon, to ensure safety.

Performance Advantage

GBS battery has been used in the world for over 10 years, no safety accidents during the period.

Various cells, high capacity

over 40 specifications of cells, maximum 400Ah

Small internal resistance, high discharge voltage range

internal resistance<0.4mΩ, 50%SOC>3.18V at 1C

small temperature increase:

10℃ increase at 1C by continuous charge&discharge

Long life cycle

3000 cycles at 0.5C charge&discharge

Good uniformity

dynamic voltage<30mv at 80% SOC

Good high&low temperature performance

discharge 98% of actual capacity at high temperature and 90% at low temperature 90% at 1C

single cell discharge curve at 25℃
single cell discharge curve at 25℃
module(5 cells group) discharge curve at -20℃
module(5 cells group) discharge curve at 55℃

Process Advantage

GBS battery has been used in the world for over 10 years, no safety accidents during the period.

The unique environmentally friendly slurry mixing process with directed conductive materials ensures super small internal resistance and high current discharge

Special air ducts and temperature gradients are used to ensure the uniform coating density

The cutting and pressing process is adopted to prevent premature aging of battery

Long life non-destructive cell making process extends battery life.

The formation process with penetration curve electrolyte is used to ensure battery consistency

Recycle Advantage

GBS bring you green life

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