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We offer a full license to our virtual innovation lab staffed with project managers, developers, product owners, market researchers, and chemists whose sole purpose is to make your dream come true. Our team will do everything possible to turn your wishes into reality in next to no time.

Unlock the power of our Innovation-as-a-Service by hitting the button below and meeting with one of our project managers or industrial design consultants who will show you how we can help to get your product launched faster – all while reducing risk.  the R&D decommission those services that are no longer relevant. Each phase of the  Designers think beyond the form to envision your success. They contribute to every facet of the innovation process, from idea generation and experience design to product development and brand management. It’s all about creating value and building brands that win.

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Special Lithium Ion Battery Engineering Research Institute

Special Lithium Ion Battery Engineering Research Institute is founded by Large Power. It is a special Li-ion battery industrial research and development center cooperating with Central South University, South China University of Technology and Dongguan University of Technology. The institute is adept at proven special Li-ion battery solution, such as low temperature charging and discharging technology, low temperature high-rate discharging technology, Li-ion battery fast charging technology, explosion protection technique, etc., which can meet the requirement of customer on special environment, special performance and special usage.

Engineer Team

There are over 60 people in the core technology engineer team. They have expertise in industrial design, electronics, power supply, structure, technology, software, measurement and control, electrochemistry and other professional technical categories

Purpose of the Institute

The institute is a coalition of college and enterprise devoted to research and development of battery technology. It aims to solve tapplication issues of leading edge materials of energy storage, so as to provide the customer with customization solutions.

Technical Capacity of the Institute

low temperature charging and discharging technology, low temperature high-rate ghts and several national patents, the institute has inventry with 3~5C at -40℃, over 75% discharging capacity retention rate, and the battery can be recharged and re-discharged at -40℃

Technology Center

roject management”, depending on “hnique” as platform, which greatut the core competitiveness of “rapid response, better pursuit,s to fully meet the special requirement of special product from special user, and keep create value for the user during special usage service.

Specialized Lab & Test Center

The test center of Large Power is founded in accord with the standard of IEC61960, IEEE-1725, UL2054, UL1642, etc. and builds up long-term certification services for the products of lithium ion battery, four-high-one-low battery (high energy density, high temperature, high pressure, high rate and low self-discharging), special-shaped battery, storage battery, special battery, etc.

Technology foresight

we take an in-depth look at some of the major trends in digital technology. We met with colleagues from across the sector late 2018 to discuss education challenges

New Product Development Strategy

To take the complex issues of people and their environments, break them down into a problem statement, explore and quantify potential solutions, and finally hone in on

Honors and Certificates

All our projects are managed through our R&D pipeline. It is designed to filter the most promising ideas and grow them to full Jisc service, and to decommissio

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