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A battery pack usually refers to the packaging, sealing and assembly of batteries. For example, two batteries are connected in series to form a particular shape according to customer requirements. We call it a pack.In the Pack industry, batteries that are not directly assembled for use are often called cells or modules, while finished batteries connected to the PCM board and equipped with charge/discharge control functions are called battery packs.


The Power Battery Pack is suitable for commercial cars with a total charge of about 80.6kWh and a theoretical range of 500km.If you are interested, please click here to learn more.
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It is specially designed for urban mobility scooter with a total capacity of 24.2kWh and a theoretical endurance of 120km. It is light and convenient. It is the first choice for home occupants.
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Large capacity power battery PACK, suitable for public buses, airport shuttle cars and other high-power vehicles, there is no strict requirements on the weight and volume of the battery.
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48V50Ah lithium battery is designed and developed to meet the requirements of current telecommunication operator om new model backup power supply.
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48V100Ah 15 series lithium battery is designed and developed to meet the requirements of new type backup power supply for Telecom operators.
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5 standard battery pack boxes are put into the battery cabinet and connected in parallel for backup power of the communication base station.
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The wall-mounted energy storage box is designed for families with 5.12kWh of electricity. It is the best choice for emergency power supply of families.
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It is applicable to the commercial energy storage system of supermarkets, governments, schools, shopping malls, etc., to relieve the shortage of power supply and save electricity charges.
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2MWH Container

Container energy storage is designed for large-scale energy storage projects, with high voltage and large capacity, in line with the global trend of new energy "Renewable energy+energy storage ."
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